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How to Live on Purpose & Love Yourself

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Wild Moon Healing is about how you move through life. It provides a paradigm to help you make life decisions. Moon work is living on purpose, so you can gain courage to leave an unhealthy relationship, overcome an addiction, or take inspired action toward your dreams. Through Moon work, you can learn to love yourself, so when you look in the mirror, you smile because your favorite person is looking back at you.

Wild Moon Healing is not only for those in need of healing from a traumatic experience. If you have a habit you’ve been trying to change or break, you’ve been reaching for this goal for so long that you are starting to believe it is unattainable, or have experienced fear—then keep reading.


Wild Moon Healing is the journey to that place of calm and happiness, where you create what you want and how you want to feel. My manuscript provides information and tools you need to create a life-long habit of self-care and self-love. Wild Moon Healing will promote your wellness and encourage personal growth—I strive to inspire you to attain your goals. Nothing about examining your behaviors and emotions is easy. But you are worthy of your effort.

Life’s experiences create changes in your body, mind, and spirit. Right now, you are every age you have ever been, with each moment of your life experience building on itself to create who you are. All experiences affect your self-esteem differently. One experience may encourage you; another may break you down. These influences on your self-esteem affect everything you think, say, and do. You are always one decision away from changing your life experience. So, choose differently, time and time again. There is no limit to the number of times you can start over in pursuit of becoming the person you want to be.

Life’s a dance. You are hurt, pain comes, it goes, and then comes again. You take your frustration out on yourself and one day realize you must make changes for your health and wellbeing. Make goals and then you go after them, only to hit a barrier in your progress and fall back into old habitual behavioral patterns. Through Wild Moon Healing, you start making connections and recognize the steps to your personal dance, which is like no other. In that moment of awareness your energy will shift and you will begin to heal.


The most wonderful journey you can ever go on is the one inside of you. It is the only path to self-love. Becoming your own favorite person increases your self-esteem. Your perception of who you believe you are determines how you move through life. Having a healthy awareness of self is an internalized process that allows you the freedom to see your choices.

Engage in the process. By discovering your strength and character, you change the way you view yourself. In uncovering your story up to now and accepting how everything in your life is connected, you will discover the path to create the story for your future self. As you learn who you truly are and discard the definition assigned by roles you participate in or identify with, you transform.

Choose who you want to be. Become your favorite person.

Live your life upholding all the things you value while you go after your dreams.

Are you living on purpose? Share your thoughts below.

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