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Meet Donna

An Advocate for Mental Health, Moon Healer, Energy Coach, and National Bestselling Author

Harness the Energy of Lunar Cycles to Awaken Your Inner Truth


Determined to become an advocate for mental health, Donna S. Conley developed an integrated approach to teach people to discover who they are, what they want, and how to love and accept themselves so they can live their best lives.

She began a career as an energy coach, blogger, and wrote Wild Moon Healing while working full-time in corporate America. Donna is working toward her goal of transitioning to a full-time career to help remove the stigma of mental health and normalize loving, committing, believing, and respecting yourself.


Donna has had a successful career in the human resources field for over twenty years. She earned a Master’s degree in her field from UMUC and is a Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach from Duke Health. Human Resources is the business of people, and Donna has professionally helped, supported, and touched the lives of many people during her career.


She was born and raised in Riva, Maryland, but has always considered Reedy, West Virginia, her home. That is where her mind wanders when she thinks about growing up and the summers she spent at her Nan Nan’s. Donna is the proud mother of a United States Marine. If you can’t find her, she’s most likely in the woods discovering a new trail to hike or simply admiring the moon. 

From a total wellness perspective and addressing people as a whole, she believes strongly in the spiritual aspects of health in addition to physical and mental health. She deeply believes everyone has their own inner magic and can use it to create their best life and inspire others. 

Live Authentically.


Donna is a healer, inspiring speaker and author. As there are various topics with rich content that Donna shares, she merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and embolden any audience.


Intersted in Interviewing Donna about her books and the Wild Moon Healing program to learn to love yourself, love what you see in the mirror, and smile because you are looking at your favorite person?

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Donna S. Conley

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Education & Certifcatons

Education & Certifications

Hi. My name is Donna Conley, I have a master’s degree and many years’ experience working with people in the context of a human resource manager. As an advocate for mental health, I’ve transitioned into a new way of helping people. I am a Certified Duke Health and Wellbeing Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Energy Coach, and national bestselling, award winning author.

I use the healing modalities of reiki, energy, sound, breath, and meditation in all my coaching sessions. My idea of coaching is empowering my clients to take their life back by teaching healing modalities that work.

I use lunar cycles as a foundation to help you create a structure that works for you on your healing path. Creating a daily routine you will follow every month, all month long is the coaching aspect to my work. It provides people with a starting place when they don’t know where to begin and creates a structured approach to create a life you love and live authentically.

University degree 1
University degree 3
University degree 2
University degree 4
University degree 5
certified sound healer
Duke Certificate
Sound Healer certified
Singing Bowl Sound Healer
Tibetan Sound Healer
Tuning Fork Sound Healer
Singing Pyramid Sound Healer
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