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Interrupt Your Energy Pattern to Create Lasting Change

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

For you to manifest what you want, you have to interrupt the status quo. You can accomplish this in two ways: 1) either do something differently, or 2) do something different things altogether.

If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. When you change nothing, nothing ever changes. Inspired action is the only way to interrupt energy patterns to create change.

Inspired Action

To live an inspired life, you must act. Inspired action is intentional doing. Your dream for your future must inspire you to take a giant leap toward your potential.

In Wild Moon Healing, you create a dream for your future under the new moon. To change that dream into reality, you must act upon it to create change.

Taking inspired action does not just change the trajectory of your future; it transforms you. It is a bold move to leave behind passive and mindless behaviors and dare to improve yourself. Inspired action defines your character as you accept yourself, be yourself, and love yourself so much that you learn from your action (or inaction) and craft a life with meaning.

Action that means something to you are contextual. When you do something that’s meaningful, it gives you purpose, which grabs your undivided attention. Attention brings awareness to things you want to change in your life, but that alone will not hold your curiosity long enough to create change.

Your Why

To hold your attention, the most potent information you can focus on is your why. Knowing why you are creating something different for yourself elevates your desire and intensifies your ambition; you’ll want to do more to create change. Transformation means something to you, so you’ll yearn to act. Just wanting to change your life isn’t enough. You must take action to interrupt your current energetic pattern.

To take action that leads to meaningful change, you must be open with yourself. Transparency is the only way to design reasonable actions that will positively affect your success and increase your energetic levels. In discovering more about yourself, you open the door of self-trust and access your intuitive center.

Releasing ambiguity in the way you talk to yourself is a necessary life skill to develop because it spurs personal growth and encourages inner knowing. Transparency allows you to believe your thoughts and stop second-guessing yourself. Transparency sheds light on your motives and character, which creates opportunities for personal growth and adds even more meaning to your life.

Energetic Shift

Once you are truthful with yourself and you notice the mindless activities you engage in, you will gain insight into your energetic blocks, barriers, triggers, or limiting beliefs that you need to interrupt. Without judgment, use that information to level up in meaningful ways. When you create inspired, meaningful actions, they will:

  • shift your mindset from “Here’s an idea” (action item) to “I can do this.”

  • confirm to your brain that you are creating positive change.

  • raise your awareness of what is achievable and realistic.

  • define the negative patterns or beliefs you can overcome.

Meaningful actions are measurable:

  • Can you confirm that the action occurred? Did you do the identified task?

  • Did the action align with a key part of your goal? You knew the change you were making, and your action needed to reflect the eventual outcome.

  • Did the action positively influence your self-talk? The action should have changed your perspective and helped you realize that not only did you need it to achieve your goal, but you are capable of doing it!

Get Inspired

Fresh beginnings require you to do something new, stop doing something old, or let go of something or someone in your life that is holding you back. That is easy to say, but not so easy to do because by repeating your thoughts and behaviors, you deeply engrain them in your neural pathways.

By purposefully choosing different, time and time again, you will create positive change in your life.

The best way to stick with your new pattern is to follow lunar cycles to ensure you are working on yourself and your goals every month all month long. Learn under what moon phase to go after your goal and under which one to quite your mind. You can’t go hard all the time with experiencing burnout.

Burn out occurs when you are striving for “the” best rather than “your” best. Your best changes as your energetic level changes. Sometimes you need rest, while other times you are doing yourself a disservice by not giving it your all.


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