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Fresh Beginnings: Decide Which Way You Will Grow

Updated: May 25, 2022

Fresh Beginnings

To have fresh beginnings, you must do something new, stop doing something old, or let go of something or someone in your life that is holding us back. That is easy to say, but not as easy to do. It is worthy to note that anyone can start new as many times as they choose. Actually, every second of every day is a fresh beginning because you have the power to choose differently at any time.

When you want a fresh start, what holds you back from pressing forward with our goals? The first reason is that you must be accountable for your life as it is right now, and the ego hates responsibility. By accountable, I mean for everything. You must take responsibility for every word, thought, action, or behavior you’ve ever engaged it. When you hold yourself responsible for the state of your life, this awareness makes it much easier to create change. You achieve awareness only through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an action that can only take place in the present moment. Unfortunately negative life experiences form false and limiting beliefs robbing you from being present. False beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of, create fear and stagnation in life. You can experience feelings of fear, nervous, and intimidation and still experience positive growth and progress at the same time. Being brave while creating constructive change in your life does not exclude negative feelings.

The Answer is Within You

When you know what you want it simplifies identifying activities to achieve the goal you identify. If the goal is companionship or a healthy relationship, then create a profile on dating sites, participate in functions for singles, or join groups that engage in fun activities with like-minded people outside of your current circle. If the goal is weight loss, you need to move more and eat more healthy foods.

So, if you know what to do, why aren’t you doing the things you need to do to create change?

Feelings and emotions is the answer. The brain assigns emotions to your experiences. If you never let go of negative experiences or negative emotions assigned to the experience, they grow. In the dark recesses of who you are is where these feelings hide. As they grow, they create false and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

fresh beginnings

As an example, let us say the goal is companionship but fear from a previous relationship that ended badly occupies the mind. Fear of going through a similar experience again can hold you back.

But, what does ‘ended badly’ mean? Dig deeper.

Identify the emotion created or need not meet from the past experience. When we endure the experience of verbal abuse, it produces feelings of unsafe, financial issues leads to feelings of insecure, or being cheated on forms feeling of unworthy or not good enough. Fear created from these old feelings that you hold onto are keeping you stuck in loneliness in the present moment.

To start new, you must do new, but first you must let go of the old. Remember, old keys do not open new doors.

What is Driving Your Life?

To let go or surrender the old seems to be the hardest part. Recognize the situation that damaged your self-esteem no longer exists. Negative feelings take the joy from the present moment. So, with the example of wanting companionship, you never take the action to find a positive healthy relationship that you desire.

Why is it so hard to let go of these horrible feelings or the things and people in your life that are not good for you?

The answer, again, is feelings. Fear is a powerful emotion driven by the ego. Love is a powerful emotion driven by the heart. It is impossible to feel fear and love at the same time. Living in fear means we surrender love, including love of self. This is why fresh beginnings must be about you, and no one else, to be able to choose love for yourself, continuously.

fresh beginnings

To put this concept in perspective, anyone who overcame an addiction (living in fear), does not just choose sobriety (love of self) once. They must choose that every second of every day. They must be mindful, present, and aware of their triggers. In any situation where you choose to love yourself, you experience freedom, which is an energetic shift. This shift allows you to feel amazing and more self-aware.

Addiction, grief, or fear does not describe a person, it is just a word that describes the place someone is living in right now. Are you living in a negative place? It is so hard to leave these places. Everyone deals with life in their own way, and your way is just fine. But know, you have the right and power to choose different at any time. Choosing different is the key to open new doors to fresh beginnings.

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