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You are Capable of Anything – Here is the #1 Way to Accomplish Your Goal

Updated: May 25, 2022

You are absolutely capable of anything you set your mind to. So, why do you get side tracked and slide into old habitual routines? That is a small question with pretty big answer. The short answer is your frame of mind and coming from a negative mindset. The way to accomplish any goal is to shift your thoughts. Experiencing a shift is so much larger than just having a new thought, replacing your words, or even having a solid why (the reason you want to change). I am talking about an energetic shift that starts in your mind.

You can plan all you want and a good plan is nice to have. However, you can spend a lifetime getting ready and still never feel prepared. Ready or not, life is happing right now.

Stop trying to prepare for life and just live it. The #1 reason you fail at accomplishing your goal is because you try.

Trying is Automatic Failure

You’ve heard it a million times, and probably said it as many times… “I tried my best.”

Trying is an out, an excuse, and setting yourself up for failure before your ever start. Imagine sitting in a rocking chair, you are busy doing something; however, the activity is not productive and it’s getting you nowhere. Trying is the word people use when they fear failure or the possible consequence(s) of failing.

Capable of Anything

You are capable of anything, yet coming from a “try” frame of mind creates an energetic block keeping you from reaching your full potential. Fear of failure has shot down more dreams than actually failing ever has, or ever could.

People who try, don’t think they can do it. You need to go out there an actually do something. Don’t try to do it, do it. Put yourself out there and make your dreams happen. You’ve seen the person, or been the person, who, very reluctantly did a thing, and it actually worked… the shock and excitement of it is because you did not believe in yourself. You didn’t think you could, so you were amazing that you did.

There are only two possible scenarios when you do something, either it works or it doesn’t.

Ultimately, whether something works out or not, it is always a learning experience.

To Experience is To Learn

Everything you do, say, and think tells you (and those around you) something about yourself. Every life event should be a learning experience. No matter what, your knowledge grows by uncovering what excites and interests you, or discovering your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Stop thinking in terms of failure and success and learn something from every life event. Something happened—what’s your take-away? Did it make you a better person? Was the experience in line with things that you truly value in life?

How it usually goes is you decide to do something or identify something you want in your life (i.e., you create an intention or goal). If you are talking about doing something, thinking about something, or trying to do something, how successful are you?

If you are trying to create some sort of change in your life, ask yourself questions such as…

Is this something that I:

  1. think I can do

  2. think I deserve

  3. want to do

  4. value or does it add value to my life


These types of questions are a good way to learn if have a clear vision of what you really want for your future or your level of confidence in your abilities. No matter what, with this type of self-assessment, you learn about yourself—it is your responsibly to change in order to move forward in life.

How do you change if you don’t know anything new? You must keep learning.

You are Capable of Anything

Failure is not the end of the road. When things don’t work out, the experience teaches you a great deal about yourself. Even if you learn that you’ve been going in the wrong direction for years, which is fine.

Simplified scenarios

don't try

Trying: Sally knows she can sew and thinking about how she can use that skill in a career. She is researching crafting projects, machines, and materials. Sally is exploring all the different things she could make, but she isn’t really excited about any of the specific crafting project ideas.

Doing: Susie loves to draw. She drew a few pictures, made photo copies, purchased some crayons, and dropped everything off at a local club for kids. The excitement the kids showed for the coloring supplies filled Susie with joy. So, she learned how to publish a coloring book! Now, Susie is earning passive income from her published coloring book!

Did the energy just from reading the two scenarios feel different to you?

If, in the first scenario, had Sally stopped researching and thinking and actually made a craft, she may discover something she enjoys or realize that crafting is just a hobby rather than a career pursuit for her.

Create Your Reality

If you are not sure where to start, do not start by trying to make a plan.

Here’s what you do: First, ask yourself, “How do I picture my best life?”

Close your eyes and sit with that. Visualize it. If your best life is at the beach, feel the sand between your toes and the salty breeze. Use all your senses. See yourself. What are you doing, who is with you, but most importantly, how do you feel? Don’t stop visualizing until the amazing emotions from your future-self begin to creep into your current reality.

When you feel lighter, happier, hold on to that feeling as you open your eyes slowly.

Next, ask yourself, “What is most important to me from my visualization?”

Discovering what held the most value to you helps you learn what is most important to you. Is it family, adventure, or a challenge? The options are limitless and as unique as you are.

make it happen; capable of anything

You can move forward in life.

Get curious.

Learn about yourself.

Stop trying.

Get out there, and do.

What do you value? In discovering what is important to you, do you feel inspired? Tell me about it.

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