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8 Categories to Balance for a Happy Life

Updated: May 25, 2022

Live a Happy Life

Your wellbeing matters. Do not mistake self-care for vanity or selfishness. Your health is neither of those things. Self-care is about improving your health and your life in specific wellbeing categories for a happy life.

The foundation of every life experience is rooted in self-esteem. So, focusing on emotional health, or how you want to feel, is how you change your life and develop a positive self-image. Being able to cope effectively with life’s difficulties, having emotional awareness, and engaging in healthy relationships is how you cultivate positive feelings in your life.

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People physically express health wellness as confidence. Confidence is the manner in which you control feelings and behaviors and respond verses react. But, there are various wellbeing categories to juggle. In attempting to balance them all, people tend to neglect our physical self.

To achieve balance, you must evaluate and work on all welfare categories. A cyclical approach is necessary because you cannot do it all, all the time, without risk of jeopardizing your entire health and wellbeing. Wild Moon Healing helps you create a cyclical practice that naturally keeps you checking in with yourself, practicing self-care, and evaluating your comfort in these categories all month, every month.

There is no need for something such as a New Year’s resolution if you are consistently working on your wellbeing.

Areas of Wellbeing for a Balanced, Happy Life

Think about your life based on the eight categories below. Truly analyze yourself in these categories to identify something you need because your overall wellness is important for your body mind and soul.

The 8 categories to balance in your life are:

  1. Vocational

  2. Social

  3. Spiritual

  4. Financial

  5. Emotional

  6. Physical

  7. Intellectual

  8. Environmental

Vocational Balance

Doing what you love and loving what you do—The American Dream! Doing something you enjoy, are good at, and provides you with satisfaction is wealth all on its own. Explore your interest to see what vocational studies you should might do well in.

Analysis Question Examples: Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel like you are not good at anything? Are you sharing your skills and talents? How do you destress?

Social Balance

Connection and belonging is ultimately what everyone wants. It is how most people feel a sense of purpose, as a group, helping and supporting each other.

Analysis Question Examples: In social activities with others… Do you experience social anxiety? Do you ever wonder if you do not belong in the social setting where you currently find yourself? Are you having fun?

Spiritual Balance

Nourish your soul and sense of purpose in connection with the collective energy. Believing in something bigger than ourselves adds a level of happiness you cannot find anywhere else.

Analysis Question Examples: How do you connect to something larger than yourself? God, universe, angels, your higher self, mother earth, the moon… there is not right or wrong answer. Only what makes you feel connected.

Financial Balance

Achieving satisfaction with your current and future financial situation. “Future,” you may ask. You have to believe it is coming. You must have faith.

Analysis Question Examples: Don’t ask yourself if you make enough money. Instead, evaluate your physical needs (shelter, food, clean water, and clothing). Evaluate your spending. Do you know where to go for support (social services, food banks, credit counseling, and charities)?

Emotional Balance

You are emotionally balanced when you effectively cope with life and create satisfying relationships.

Analysis Question Examples: Are you experiencing depression? ‘Fly off the handle’ easily? Cry often? Are your needs met in your relationships? Do you believe you lack motivation?

Physical Balance

The trifecta is to physical balance—Move more. Eat better. Sleep well.

Analysis Question Examples: Regularly consume soda, fried, or sugary foods? Always feel tired after a night’s sleep? Experience constant joint pain? Have mobility issues due to weight, pain, or inflexibility?

Intellectual Balance

It is important to regularly engage your brain by expanding your personal knowledge and skills.

Analysis Question Examples: Don’t think formal education. Rather, discover what excites or interests you, learn about it, and go exploring with child-like wonder. Do not ever stop learning or challenging yourself.

Environmental Balance

Having inspiring, supportive, and encouraging surroundings. Not just socially, but in your physical space as well.

Analysis Question Examples: Do you have a support network? Does anyone in your life make you feel unimportant or in the way? Is your home or email in-box cluttered? Declutter your space and bring nature into your space buy buying house plants.


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