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Trauma Does Not Make You Stronger – You Were Strong All Along

Strength does not come from trauma. Only living things can give you what you need to cultivate your inner power. Trauma doesn’t live, it occurs. Because trauma breaks you down and hurts it appears to have fortitude with the determination of destroying you. From trauma, things you never wanted or asked for are born such as a negative emotion, upset stomach, depression, or a protection mechanism that takes control of your life. Trauma does not make you stronger, it creates our shadows.

When our thinking mind perceives something as painful or embarrassing, you have lived through trauma. Don’t compare your trauma to anyone else’s because in doing so you diminish your own feelings. Your feelings and experiences are real and always valid.

All experienced trauma causes you to deny some part of yourself, thus creating the concept of the shadow self. It is nothing to fear. Your shadows are not bad, they are part of your true self. When you appear to come through a situation stronger, it’s just that your strength was hiding in your shadow and you were able to access it to survive.

When you come out of trauma, not stronger on the other side, but different all the same, it isn’t that you weren’t strong to begin with but some of your strength was hiding in your shadows.

Shadow Self

Shadows are created by simply living and experiencing life, with all the good and bad that that entails. Everyone has them. A very simplistic analogy:

As a child you were carefree and believed you could become anything you wanted. But, in the fifth grade, you were bullied. Fast forward 25 years… Your job is unsatisfying. The lack of pride associated with your work drives your behavior that results in weight gain and alcohol use disorder.

What does all these things have to do with each other?

Bullying caused you to lose that carefree side of you and you became something else with the sole focus of not feeling the hurt again. When you are not yourself a satisfying life will elude you.

The thought that you are not good enough is a false belief created by the ego because you experienced something painful. All hurtful comments and experiences ignite the ego whose job is to protect you. The safeguard involves you changing to avoid feeling like that again. Even when loved ones tell us affectionate things, those words do not matter. If you feel unworthy, only you can change that thought.

From the above example, when this individual identifies the false belief and does moon work to heal, they don’t become stronger. What actually happens is they reconnect with that carefree 5th grader who innately knew anything is possible.

Find Your Strength

Identify, not the trauma, but your false belief that grew from it or the protection you created to get you through. Then, with that awareness, presence yourself. You are no longer in that trauma. You don’t need those beliefs or habits that once protected you anymore. Moon work will help you release those beliefs.

Moon work helps you build trust in yourself, strengthening an internal knowing that attracts the options and resources that are energetically available to you. When you attract everything you need, you appear stronger! As you discover your strength and character, you change the way you view yourself, and you transform.

Transformation causes something inside you will click. You’ll feel lighter because you’ll have peeled away a protective layer and cleared an energetic block. Your energy will strengthen. You’ll shift. Life will shift.

Start your healing journey today. Purchase Wild Moon Healing anywhere books are sold.


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