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“The Wound is the Place the Light Enters You”

Awareness of pain is an opportunity to let healing light in. Your soul exists for a purpose; therefore, everything shows up to direct you toward that purpose. Suffering is not an accident. Nothing ever is wasted. I’ve recently stumbled on a Rumi quote, “The wound is the place the light enters you.” From a Wild Moon Healers perspective, these are my thoughts.

Trauma creates a wound.

A trauma happens: You break up, someone makes fun of you, lose your job, someone dies… some upsetting, stressful, disturbing event occurs... It cannot be undone.

There are many life experiences that are out of your control such as the loss of a loved one. But, many of life’s trials are from your own doing. When nothing ever works out for you, or so you believe, then nothing will ever work out for you.

If you resist feeling the pain, then you become stuck there in that place of suffering with your open wound festering. Suffering increases when you do not work through it, just as infection appears when you ignore a physical wound.

In order to not feel the pain, you create false and limiting beliefs. You create a narrative that you must believe to keep you from feeling the pain. These stories you create come from a place of:

· I can’t

· I will fail

· I don’t deserve it

· I will be alone for ever

· I am not worthy

These false beliefs become your truth and determine the direction of your life.

In this manner, you create your own challenges.

A limiting belief is a state of mind, conviction, or belief you consider true, which limits you in some capacity. A negative affirmation, if you will. These types of beliefs are false representations of how you see yourself and the world, and they prevent you from pursuing your goals and desires.

When you are stuck in a wounded place, you don’t do important things such as:

· Apply for your dream job

· Leave an unhealthy relationship

· Lose weight to improve your health

· Pursue a personal interest

· Write that book

Limiting beliefs rob your life of joy, happiness, spontaneity, and fun. You will never feel whole.

You do not have to stay in this place, you can chose to leave. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Healing is a choice.

The wound is where you need healing energy, but healing is a choice. You can find joy in the place of suffering. However, the two things cannot coexist. You are either suffering or you are joyful. You can fluctuate between the two as you heal, but you cannot experience both at the same time.

The wound creates the path you must go down. Most of the time when people are in a dark place, that is the only time they seek light. But it is always there!

Wild Moon Healing is about karma, the theory that “I am responsible for my life.” Even when something happens that is out of your control, how you respond is within your control. Do not fear it, karma is not bad. But what you reap, you will sow.

You create your path with every breath you take.

You cannot outrun your shadows. Karma can come swiftly (either a reward or consequence), but often it takes time such as with the effects of mistreating, neglecting, or abusing your body. If you partake in self-care and treat your body well, the karmic consequence as it relates to your physical body will be positive verses enduring illness and disease.

When you identify the choices you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken, and accept responsibility for them—choosing to accept your karma is personal evolution—part of healing. Acceptance begins the healing process and helps return you to your authentic self.

Oftentimes wounds make you deny who you really are.

You hide because things hurt. Things cause pain. Just as a young child covers their eyes when playing hide and seek because if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me, but you know that is not true. Yet, that is exactly what you do.

You need to take responsibility to raise your vibration and shift your energy. Only then can you surrender. Living in pain means you are surrendering joy. To experience joy, you must let go of your pain.

In that moment… the moment of release, you choose healing light.

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