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My First Energetic Ripple – The Release of Wild Moon Healing

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Hello! I am Donna, the original Wild Moon Healer, and I am committed to helping people create their best life as I continue to create mine. My method may seem unconventional to some, it certainly felt that way to me when I became desperate enough to try anything. Wild Moon Healing is a product of my emotional healing journey through depression, disordered eating, and alcohol use disorder (AUD). This book is my first energetic ripple toward breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues.


It’s been over a year since I decided to write a book. It has gone by so fast and so slow at the same time. About two weeks ago I looked myself up on Amazon. My excitement was like a kid in a candy shop. I was all alone shouting out, “Oh my goodness, I’m on Amazon!” I took a screenshot and sent it to those close to me so they could share in my moment.

A week later, there I was opening a package, and for the first time I held Wild Moon Healing in my hands. It was surreal to hold this tangible thing that I had worked so hard on and for so long.

This journey began for me about six years ago. I had ignored the messages from my body for far too long, so my body stopped me in my tracks. My physical body and my mind had became a prison. Although I had just finished graduate school and should have been celebrating, I felt defeated and overwhelmed.

I am the same as all of you. I work hard, my brain never turns off, I never rest enough—I kept going and going because there are things to do. However, we can, and we must, prioritize time for ourselves. When I fell into serious illness and depression, guess what? Life forced me into rest mode and at the same time life still went on around me. Had I died, life would have gone on without me.

Mental health is not isolated around full blown depression or lunacy requiring hospitalization or suicide watch. To me, good mental health is having the ability to hear the messages sent by the body every day and to then act on those messages to do what is in your best interest. Your body is always talking to you and things such as depression is a message. Addressing mental health is about slowing down and purposefully listening to your body for the messages it sends you.

Our feelings, expression of emotion (i.e. tears or laughter), and any sensation in our body is a message. Someone may be mad and act angrily toward others, but that person may actually be sad. My go-to emotional response is food; I eat mindlessly and disregard the messages of my body. Learning to decipher our emotions and overcoming old patters is a skill that you can learn through the Wild Moon Healing program.

If you are unhappy, don’t feel like yourself, maybe feel some dis-ease in your body, or perhaps you are as bad as I was or worse, you can use the moon to guide your healing.

The moon just seemed to naturally fall into my process as I was healing. It was always there, even when I couldn’t see it. I remember the first time I looked up and thought, “Man, it’s a full moon again and I’ve not accomplished anything toward my goals.” The light bulb went off. My internal Huh lead me to wonder how I actually spent my time each month, how much can I actually accomplish in a month, and how was I feeling when I wasn’t so productive.

You can learn a lot about yourself during a 28 day lunar cycle.

The Wild Moon Healing program shifts your perspective as the moon moves through its phases to help you see yourself and your situation in different ways allowing you to learn more about yourself, heal, and transform.

Please take a moment and celebrate this accomplishment with me because the release of my first book is a huge milestone in my life (I would so appreciate it!), then do some Wild Moon Healing of your own and let me know how it goes so I can celebrate your success with you!

To start, look up and let the moon meet you exactly where you are.

You can purchase Wild Moon Healing on Amazon or anywhere books are sold. If you purchase it, please take the time to leave a review once you've read it. I appreciate you!

Click on the NEW RELEASE image below to go directly to Amazon.


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