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Prioritize Wellness to Manifest Your Best Life – 4 Simple Strategies

Updated: May 25, 2022

Wild Moon Healing is about different things for different people. Manifesting your best life is a very intimate and personal journey. To achieve the best you possible, you must prioritize wellness.

Mental and physical health intertwine and relate more than most people understand. As you manifest your healthiest self, you will explore how your thoughts affect how you treat yourself. Your level of self-esteem creates a strong connection between your thoughts and your actions toward your body. The ways you outwardly express yourself relates to how you inwardly perceive yourself.

Regardless of the healing needed in your life, the journey must start within.

So where do you begin?

The Present Moment

First, begin right where you are.

Prioritize Wellness

Everything you do, say, and think right now is the result of your entire life up to this moment. All experiences, no matter how big, small, exciting, devastating, memorable, or consciously forgotten is why you do what you do right now. Life creates memories and knowledge and the brain uses them to create subjective programs that, at times, make it so you are unable to choose what is best for you.

Any memory that created hurt or embarrassment could form a false and limiting belief system. An example of a false belief that limits you is, “I am unworthy of love.” When you see the worst in yourself, you believe this untruth. This limits you in everything you want to do in life.

The only way to get your power back is to take care of yourself.

Prioritize Wellness

Next, learn how to prioritize your wellness and choose what is best for you. It is the smallest of steps in the right direction that can begin the greatest journey of your life. Take the stairs, order water instead of a soda with dinner, and go to bed earlier. Continually choose to make minor changes in your life. Soon you will notice yourself thinking, “Hey, I can do this.”

Prioritize Wellness

I promise you can still create a beautiful life even if you have lost yourself or robbed years from your life due to abusing yourself both mentally and physically. There is a healthier side of you despite any eating disorder, depression, experienced trauma, or addiction. You are not your experiences in life, you are uniquely you, a person worthy of love and wonderful things. Prioritizing yourself requires you to make different choices.

Choose Different

Then choose differently and change paths at any time, and as many times as necessary. It is not a privilege to choose what is best for you, it is your responsibility to do so. You are always one decision away from a better life no matter your circumstance. There exists no limit on starting over, you may do it as many times as you need to. But you must be truthful with yourself.

Prioritize Wellness

Through honesty you will discover that you know exactly what you need to do. Why can making better choices for yourself be so hard to do? It is only hard when you do not truly know yourself. You will discover that negative emotions are warning signs that you are not living authentically. Living against what is true and correct for you is always painful. Choosing differently changes your life experience.

Be the Change

Finally, change starts with you. By taking care of yourself and setting your wellbeing as a priority, you will not only feel and look better but you will attract better. You will manifest people who accept, love, and respect you, and help you level up in life. Stimulating life experiences that make you feel good will present themselves. But don’t just make changes for the sake of change.

Have you heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail?” You need a plan of attack to successfully change behavior, so make a list of actionable items that you need to stop or start doing to go after your goals (remember to be honest). Don’t try to implement these changes all at once. Feeling overwhelmed will make you crash and burn.

Think small measurable steps or goals such as, I WILL:

Prioritize Wellness

– add a salad to 3 meals this week,

– walk an extra 300 steps each day this week,

– add resistance training 4 times this week, and

– limit sedentary time watching TV to 1 hour each evening.

You can do this!

Tell me in the comments below how you are manifesting the healthiest side of you.


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