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People may describe love as an emotion, complex, or a force of nature. You can create, express, and experience love. Love is not illusive yet many people are in constant pursuit of it. You easily recognize it by the way it makes you pause with tenderness, yet people use it to manipulate, mislead, and deceive. The feeling of love can provide you the strength to move mountains, and because love exists you can experience immeasurable pain called grief.

The truth is, love is a great many things because love is energy. You can harness this affectionate energy by honoring yourself. To honor your presence is grace, the ultimate form of self-love.

Energetic Connection

Two types of energetic connections make up the human experience: the outward connection in the physical world and the inward connection with self. Thoughts and emotions are intangible forces in life that affect your physical body and your energy. Love is a pure form of an energy frequency that strengthens your connection within and without. When you use the energy of love to honor yourself, the rest of the world will experience high vibrational energy from you.

The energetic influence of your life experience (outward connection) create your self-talk and daily habits (inner connection). How you internalize your experience sets the frequency at which your energy vibrates. Your inner vibrational connection is known as self-esteem, the root of all your experiences. This connection determines how you outwardly care for yourself to include personal wellbeing as well as your dreams and aspirations.

Connecting with energy isn’t about controlling your experiences. Rather, harnessing the energy of love in a way that honors you helps direct the vibration of your mental and emotional bodies. The difference is seen in the way you respond to an experience rather than reacting. There is an ebb and flow to the process that is unique to everyone. You connect with this energy through your daily routines and can boost the vibration of your energy with intent.

Raise Your Energetic Vibration

If you want to attract a vibrational energy such as how you conceptualize love, then you need to raise your vibration. By focusing on healing your inner connection while learning who you are will positively affect the frequency at which your energy vibrates. Everything starts in the mind. So, to intentionally raise your vibration and change your life you must change your mindset and love your entire self.

Compassion and kindness toward self is how you harness love energy. Love begets love. Acts of love create love, increase your energetic frequency, and expand the vibration at which your energy radiates. Honor yourself by becoming aware of everything you appreciate and find enjoyment in. The ultimate form of self-love is to give yourself permission to create the life you want. Identifying what you want adds intention to your action which amplifies the process.

The only person who can figure out what is best for you is you. You need to determine your needs, values, dreams, and ambitions, and then love yourself enough to take action. Respecting yourself in this way puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life so you can take action steps necessary to create change and connect to the energy of love.

Love is Dynamic

Love is dynamic and requires action (new experiences). There are an infinite amount of ways to restore, nourish, and cultivate a higher level of energetic frequency within you. The health of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies determines how this specifically looks for you.

To connect with the energy of love, evaluate your own well-being and become a practitioner of your own health. Reaching a state of wellness by appreciating yourself enough to give your body what it needs will cultivate high vibrational feelings and heal your inner connection with self. As your self-esteem increases the energy of love actively grows.

When you value yourself by focusing on your wellness and take action to learn who you are and to discover ways to choose what you do and do not want, you will fall in love with yourself and your life. As you honor yourself in this way connecting with love energy will occur organically. As your inner energetic footprint reveals a high vibrational energy such as love, you will radiate more compassion into the world and leave a positive energetic footprint in the collective for generations.

As you can see, when you gift yourself the energy of love you not only change your life, but you change the world. Use my book, Wild Moon Healing, as a guide to love yourself unconditionally.

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