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Please, Do Not Try To Understand Me

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

To understand a person is to view or interpret them in a particular way. You know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know; therefore, your knowledge is not sufficient to understand me. I do not exist for your understanding. Love and accept me as I am. Don’t just accept my differences, admire them as you would a full moon in all her radiance. Just as this moment in time will never repeat, there is only one of me compared to everyone else you will meet.

“People are not meant to be understood, only loved and accepted as they are.”

You have a responsibility to honor others for their uniqueness, just as you have the right to know your own. Honoring others does not mean we deny our own convictions. We can all coexist.

Be Different

Accept and celebrate all the ways you are different. Normalizing ways people can honor and respect themselves while celebrating the differences, uniqueness, and individuality of everyone will help people appreciate the skin they’re in.

Before you can live your truth on the outside for the world to see, you need to heal mentally and physically from the inside out. Answers you seek will come from untangling the energetic connections of past experiences, and this can be difficult.

“It is your right to discover and learn about all the uniqueness you bring into this world.”

Moon work quiets the ego as you journey toward accepting yourself, achieving self-love, discovering and believing in your worth, and creating your best life that’s full of meaning and purpose. By turning down the volume of the ego mind, you can discover and learn all the uniqueness you bring to this world. When you embrace who you truly are, you have changed.

Heal Your Wounds

When a person feels they are not “normal” based on the non-understanding of others, a piece of them dies a little on a subconscious level. They hide parts of their true selves. If we keep telling people that something about them is abnormal, mental health issues such as depression will worsen. When society says the uniqueness of you and your experience is dysfunctional, the subsequent shame or humiliation creates false, limiting beliefs.

False and limiting beliefs create behavioral and thought patterns that are untrue. Such beliefs as “I’m not normal,” “I’m a freak,” “I’m broken,” or “I need to man up” cause you to push parts of yourself into the dark recesses of your mind. These dark places create your shadow self. Our shadows are nothing to fear; they are a part of the true self we have denied.

Receiving a diagnosis of depression, an eating disorder, or an addiction does not mean you are abnormal, have a defect, or are a bad person—it is an expression of your wounds. There is a reason for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and if you are willing, you can discover and heal from them.

Live Authentically

Wild Moon Healing is about surrendering to your emotions so you can discover your true self. When you are authentic, you can uncover the path that is correct for you. Underneath all your trauma, who are you? You are you. You are not your trauma, addiction, pain, or parents—these are things people use to judge in an effort to understand you. You are not the car you drive or the house you live in.

“You are you—a beautiful, unique, amazing human being—so you should feel safe standing in your truth.”

Living life authentically is a learning process. You do not want to stop learning, even if you are learning about beliefs that are different from your own. Learning about what makes you and everyone else unique opens you up to a new level of appreciation for all that is around you.

Appreciate rather than understand your and others’ individuality. Letting differences shine through, just being and admiring, is the inspired action we need at times.

Express Compassion

If you have concern for another person’s situation, you can energetically feel their pain. Compassion is a nurturing, mother-like emotion that inspires you to care for other people. Caring for others is what makes the human race unique. Expressing compassion and helping others is what humanity is all about. This requires no understanding.

Compassion empowers you to appreciate individualism in people you meet regardless of your differences. That energy ripples through space and time, increasing society’s vibration. You, and everyone around you, bring unique gifts to any situation.

Learning about different people, beliefs, and lifestyles allows you to appreciate the world better, minimizes intolerance and stereotyping, creates an opportunity for you to meet interesting people, and can stimulate your mind by exposing you to new experiences.

“What a wonderful world it will be when no one needs to learn to love themselves, because they don’t feel judged by the limited understanding of others.”

Discover, grow, and become the person you were meant to be… because that is a beautiful thing.

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