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How to Listen to the Whispers of your Heart

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

There are only two ways to live. You can live defensively, with reactionary responses to life happening to you, or live from love and peace, taking mindful, purposeful actions to create your life. The ego can be a naysayer, but the heart is true—it wants what it wants. The ego is loud, but the whispers of your heart can fuel your inner spark and open your thinking mind in creative ways.

Life’s complex landscape provides multiple paths from which to choose, even if you cannot see them all. Moon work helps you build trust in yourself, strengthening an internal knowing that attracts options and resources available to you energetically.

So, how do you tap into that energetic source?

There are 3 ways to accomplish this.

1. Get quite to hear your heart

2. Love your entire self

3. Engage in Wild Moon Healing

Whispers of your heart

When you lessen the volume of the ego mind, you can discover and learn all the uniqueness you bring to this world.

Are you reactive or responsive?

Reactionary behavior is an emotional response to stimuli in your environment. An experience that is negative or triggering tells the ego it failed to protect you. When the ego knows it is not in control, it responds loudly.

Responsive behavior is mindful, intentional, and inspired. You choose your actions. You are aware of your power to create how every moment in your life will play out.

Just as your body is always sending you messages, your heart always whispers to you. Go inward and you will discover a renewal of energy. Meditation and breath work can help you quite the ego mind. And, always think of possibilities rather than impracticalities because you become what you think of most.

Love Yourself

You achieve balance through love and acceptance of self. If you give love but cannot receive love back, it is because you feel invalidated. When you cannot let another person in or even see your true self because of emotional barriers, it is because you are not living your truth. These obstacles in your life keep you from relishing minor victories along your journey, and you need to praise yourself. Even if you achieve your goal, by not dealing with barriers creating imbalance in your life, you may feel still empty inside.

When you accomplish things without self-love and acceptance, your life will lack meaning and purpose. Therefore, you settle into complacency instead of achieving abundance.

Raise your energetic vibration to Increase Self-Esteem. The best way to start loving yourself is to celebrate all things you! Make a list of your achievements and all your qualities that add value to this world (p.s. – all your qualities add value to the world!).

Honor your body by thanking it for always being there for you regardless of how you treat it. Treating your body right by ditching the diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle through mindfully nourishing and moving it.

Wild Moon Healing

When you attune to the energy of lunar cycles, process your past, and focus on change, you can create the life you deserve. As the moon goes through its phases in the night sky, you can align your activities with the current lunar cycle and create lasting change. “But,” you might ask, “where do I start?”

When the sky is dark under a new moon, create an intention to change your life in meaningful ways. During the waxing phase of the moon—when the moon grows larger in the night sky—you can attract growth in your life energetically. Tackle your goal with all that you have! As the moon illuminates the sky, allow its energy to shed light on what might hold you back. Give this energy permission to help you see the parts of you that are afraid or hurt, so you can heal those parts of yourself. And, as the moon shrinks under the waning phase, use its energy to look inward.

The purpose of following lunar cycles is to create a consistent schedule to keep you on the path toward your best life. You do not have to believe in the moon’s energy or the connectedness of everything to heal. All human beings will experience at least one low point in their lives, which is when the ego really takes hold. People who become stuck there may experience addiction or depression that will lead to (or has led to) a bona fide medical condition. You do not have to stay in a place of lack or suffering.

However, with an open mind and willingness to do the work, everyone can benefit from Wild Moon Healing.

Creating lasting change does not involve just one thing—lasting change means making a series of minor changes over time. It’s a cycle. Look up, meet the moon where you both are, and let it guide you to a life of self-love and self-acceptance. A place where you can clearly hear the whispers of your heart.

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