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Six Types of Courage to Overcome Vulnerability

The energy of “As above” uses our collective energy on earth to create synchronicities as encouragement to keep us pressing forward when we are going in the right direction! Those little nudges from above can provide you with valuable information and encouragement. This gives us mental and moral fortitude to preserve through fear, difficulty, and the unknown. When you tap into the energy of lunar cycles, you learn to embrace all six types of courage available to you when you feel unprotected and vulnerable.

It takes many different types of courage to perform moon work. Through moon work you expose yourself, revealing truths to discover who you are. Being real with yourself or anyone else is about vulnerability. As you become vulnerable, false and limiting beliefs may make you feel exposed, creating fear—thus the necessity to foster courage.

Most people find being vulnerable uncomfortable because they fear that if they are themselves, they will have to withstand judgments from the outside world. Vulnerability is courage. Courage is the source of innovation, creativity, and change. When you discover and accept your authentic self, you will choose to no longer hide behind things like overspending, addiction, fear, or shame. You will find the courage to be the beautiful, amazing person you are!

Physical Courage

One with physical courage has awareness and understanding that something is working against their greater good, can stand upright and steady through any challenge, and has the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations.

Social Courage

One with social courage lives an experience in which they love themselves and live unapologetically true to who they are. You don’t change for social acceptance, rather you are in control of any change you experience.

Moral Courage

One with moral courage does the right thing when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular, and also does so when no one is looking. There is no reward for doing the right thing, it’s an obligation.

Emotional Courage

One with emotional courage feels their feelings—the good, the bad, and the ugly. When you notice that your emotions are taking over, you have the ability to step back. There is no guilt, attachment, or judgement.

Intellectual Courage

One with intellectual courage can learn, but also unlearn unhealthy belief systems, and relearn with an open and flexible mind. This will energetically attract positive experiences.

Spiritual Courage

One with spiritual courage lives intentionally with purpose and meaning with a heart-centered approach toward life and self. When you heart whispers, “Go ahead, you can do it,” a spark ignites and your inner magic flows.

Moon work is a mirror to your soul. It will show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows, and help you overcome them. When you do the work, it will reflect to you the true image of your character. If you hunger for personal growth, reflecting on these hard-to-see dimensions of yourself will help you cultivate authentic self-awareness, develop richer relationships, and create space for healing.

Learn how to do moon work and create a routine that will help you thrive in my book, Wild Moon Healing.


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