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The Only Key To Success: How To Create Change

Updated: May 25, 2022

Make the Change About You

When you realize the need for change, you want to be certain that you hold the key to your own success. There is only one key to success. There is a saying that ‘old keys won’t open new doors.’ This means you need to be prepared to do something different to achieve something new. Different is the key.

Key to Success

Ask yourself what you want and how you are willing to change to get it rather than asking yourself what you are willing to do to get it. The later mind frame indicates you have the propensity to live against what is correct for you which can create chaos, crisis, and stress. However, a wiliness to change shifts your thoughts and energy toward personal responsibility.

A previous version of yourself with old thought and behavioral patterns will never see new horizons, new possibilities, new opportunities, or new levels of success. Whatever your goal, you need a new key, an authentic approach that is correct for you, to attract and create positive change in your life.

Simply wanting to create change in your life is not enough. Wanting different doesn’t inspire you to do something to achieve your goal. Therein lies the importance of understanding why you want the change. To be successful, the ‘why’ must be all about you and how you want to feel. You must consistently practice mindfulness to achieve this level of awareness of self.

When the significance behind change is to attract another person, impress another person, earn respect from another person, or change the way you perceive someone else thinks of you, you will fail because the other person holds the key to your happiness. Choosing to make a change for any reason outside of yourself will not feel authentic. You will not feel accomplished, worthy, or happy if you are not the significant drive behind the desired change.

Key to Success

To make sure you hold the key to your own happiness, focus your perspective on how you want to feel when you achieve your goal. Not from an “all others be dammed” view point. Rather it is about your wellbeing, your physical and mental health, which should be the focal point.

Focusing on how you want to feel is the secret ingredient of success. Visualize the success. See yourself completely healthy and enjoying life. Keep watching your future self until you actually feel happiness now and notice yourself smiling, laughing, or sitting a little taller. When you can do that, you fully realize your why and you can rest assured that you hold the key to your happiness because you have found your inspiration..

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