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International Women's Day - Build Each Other Up!

International Women's Day is a global celebration of women focusing on the women's rights movement to bring attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. As a woman, the guilt I experience when I even think of putting myself first has held me back in life. Let us stop repressing ourselves, instead let us build one another up!

I am a woman who has a choice.

I am a woman who has a choice. Today I chose to go to work because I labored to get where I am and hard work pays off. Your daily choices up to now created your life. By accepting the choices you have made to this point in your life you will then be able to make different choices. You can choose differently at any time and as many times as you need to in order to create the future life you want. #CreateYourFuture

I am a woman who does.

I am a woman who does. I said I wanted to finish my education and now I have a master’s degree. I said I wanted to write a book and I published Wild Moon Healing last year. I make goals and hold myself accountable. It’s about the journey—how you spend your time. Fall in sync with lunar cycles and see what you can accomplish each month. Learn how you spend your time so you can do more of things that matter and make you happy. #TakeTheFirstStep

I am a woman who believes.

I am a woman who believes. I believed I could raise my son by myself, and I did a damn good job raising a United States Marine. I believed I could quit smoking and I haven’t had a cigarette in over 6 years. I believed I could be sober and I haven’t been intoxicated in over 2 years. The path to accomplishment is not easy. In fact, it is difficult at best but even ‘impossible’ says “I’m Possible.” #BelieveInYourself

I am a woman who cheers.

I am a woman who cheers. I know I can do anything but I can’t do everything so I will celebrate you. I remember when I was in a work study program in high school and I asked someone to teach me something and they refused. It was beyond my comprehension then and I still don’t understand that type of behavior. I’d be honored if I had the opportunity to help someone grow in any fashion. I will support and applaud you even if you are passing me because I love to see people succeed. #SupportOthers

I am a woman who is happy.

I am a woman who is happy. Yes, life is tough, I cry and I hurt. I've been humbled. I’ve learned I cannot do everything, especially all at once. I have let people down, and for that I am sorry. I have dropped the ball and made plenty of choices that do not support me; I accepted my choices and moved on. Life is not perfect, but mine is pretty darn good because I realize I am surrounded and filled with abundance. Too many times a person realizes what they had only after it is gone. #BeHappyNow

I am a woman who loves.

I am as woman who loves. Love is energy and I strive to harness it every day. I am still learning to love myself more and that is okay. I honor the process and appreciate where I am now on my journey. Connect with the energy of love through your daily routines, rituals, and habits. Raise your energetic vibration through compassion and kindness to self. Love is dynamic and requires action and new experiences. Gift yourself the energy of love. #LoveYourself

I am a woman who is grateful.

I am a woman who is grateful. I live by God, the moon, and nature and I am thankful for that energetic connection. I appreciate my friends, family, and life experiences. My tribe is supportive. Dear friends, don’t let your story be defined by a single moment of grandeur, it is an experience that takes a lifetime. Keep living and finding things to be thankful for in your daily life. #BeYou

I am a woman who inspires.

I am a woman who inspires. I am not Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, or Maud Younger, but my life story inspires people who know me. In my personal life I receive messages quite frequently about friends who meal prep because of my photos. There is nothing insignificant about your contribution to the world when you are living an authentic life. #LiveAuthentically

Life is short… Live it. Love it. Grab it by the horns. Change it. Create it. Work for it. Cherish it.


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