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Live on Purpose – How to Heal and Be Happy

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hello everyone, I am Donna, the original Wild Moon Healer. I have posted some blogs, but I have not yet delved into what Wild Moon Healing is all about. It makes sense to share a little about what in my life inspired this blog and my upcoming book, Wild Moon Healing (Scheduled release date: September 29, 2022), what it is about, and how it can serve you so you can live on purpose.


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You can create your best life. Be happy, do the things you love, and don’t feel guilty about any of it. Wild Moon Healing is about how you move through life and how to harness the energy of lunar cycles to awaken your inner truth. It provides a paradigm to help you make life decisions that are in your best interest. Using the moon’s energy to help you live on purpose, you can gain the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship, overcome an addiction, or take inspired action toward your dreams. Through the Wild Moon Healing program you can learn to love yourself, love what you see in the mirror, and smile because you are looking at your favorite person.

Wild Moon Healing can be whatever you need it to be—a wellness practice, a healing therapy, a self-discovery journey, a spiritual pursuit, a psychological process, a religious awakening, a time management tool, or a habit-breaking model. No one’s journey is the same, so whatever Moon work is for you is correct.

By practicing self-care as a month-long cycle that follows the phases of the moon, you can learn your truth, overcome barriers in your life, build healthy boundaries, and live authentically. Incorporating lunar cycles into your self-care practice adds consistency to your routine because you check in with yourself as the moon changes. If you fall out of your self-care habits, just look up and let the moon guide you back to where you need to be.


Frist, (and to help get to my point), a little about me. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a student, a friend, a human resources career professional, a life coach, an author, blogger, lover of the moon, and spiritual seeker. These are all ‘hats’ that I wear and some of the different ways that I express myself. But, none of these roles I play in life tell you who I am.

Many times we let our roles define us. When we do that and a negative experience changes our role or impacts how we play our role—we seem to loose ourselves. We don’t know what to do. This is a common situation, but not the only way we lose sight of who we truly are.

Many people carry the burden of pain, trauma, and loss around with them rendering them unable to live their truth. Others never had the opportunity or even know where to begin to discover their authentic self.

live on purpose

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The journey of self-exploration and discovery is the essence of Wild Moon Healing.

I plan to take you on a journey of self-exploration through which you can create the life you want based on how you want to feel.

The manner by which you grow as you recover from life experiences that hurt you is a manifestation process. It is an inner, truth-seeking journey to gain clarity about your life’s purpose, and, if you choose to, to harness the energy of lunar cycles to gain momentum on your healing path—letting the moon guide you.



I invite you now to think about the question, “Who am I?”

Where does your mind go? Are you making a list of your roles? You know, a list of all the hats you wear and what you do for others. But, who are you? Are you a “people pleaser?” Are you the opinions of others? Or, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You can take control and create immeasurable happiness in your life.

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When you are identifying as the different roles you have in life (whether you chose them or not), then you are “doing life.” Doing life is not the same thing as creating the life you want. Doing life, made me very ill. I had no boundaries and was depleted of my personal energy. Fast forward to today, my creative center is on fire. I am back in the driver’s seat of my life.

When you discover who you are, you create your boundaries which protects your energy. When you protect your energy, you find happiness and joy in everyday experiences. You have peace and experience calm.

In discovering who you are, you also discover the things you value or the things that add value to your life. Your values become your boundaries. Truth is so important to me. I value my health, time with my son and time spent in nature. How you share your time with me tells me how you value me.

Once you start discovering these types of things about yourself, it becomes easier to make commitments to yourself and keep them—this is becomes your boundary. Without boundaries you tend to let the needs of others compromise your need to uphold your values.

Discovering who you are grows your confidence to stand in your truth. This is self-care and the process of engaging in Wild Moon Healing allows you to live on purpose.


Wild Moon Healing is the journey to that place of calm and happiness, where you create what you want and how you want to feel. My manuscript (release date fall 2022) provides information and tools you need to create a life-long habit of self-care and self-love. Wild Moon Healing will promote your wellness and encourage personal growth—I strive to inspire you to attain your goals. Nothing about examining your behaviors and emotions is easy. But you are worthy of your effort.

Life’s a dance. You are hurt, pain comes, goes, and then comes again. Take your frustration out on yourself, and one day realize you must make changes for your health and wellbeing. Make goals and then you go after them, only to hit a barrier in your progress and fall back into old habitual behavioral patterns. Through Wild Moon Healing, you start making connections and recognize the steps to your personal dance, your energy will shift and you will begin to heal.


Engage in the process. By discovering your strength and character, you change the way you view yourself. In uncovering your story up to now and accepting how everything is connected, you will discover the path to create the story for your future self. As you learn who you truly are and discard the definition assigned by roles you participate in, you transform.

Choose who you want to be. Become your favorite person.

Live your life upholding all the things you value while you go after your dreams.

Be a Wild Moon Healer!

Start now! Let’s go back to the question I asked you to ponder earlier, “Who am I?”

What comes up for you?

Let me know in the comments below.


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