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New Moon in Taurus Eclipse – Opportunity is Coming

Updated: May 25, 2022

Taurus New Moon with Partial Solar Eclipse

Saturday, April 30th @ 4:28 EDT

Who wants to do some Wild Moon Healing with this new moon eclipse energy?

If you love working with lunar energy, then the new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus this weekend may bring an exciting opportunity as eclipses like to shake things up.

Planetary influences: Uranus is highly active and may bring surprises, sudden changes, and shocks. It is called the “Awakener” planet and its collective energy can influence a cultural pulse. Venus and Jupiter conjunction illuminates creativity, inspiration, and determination.


This is the time to make some magic!!

And, where does your magic come from? Inside you!

Astrology is a system that teaches you how to better understand and appreciate yourself. That is the essence of Wild Moon Healing—To explore and discover things about yourself so that you can live authentically.

The significance of this new moon goes back to two points in time:

  1. The full moon eclipse in Taurus last November

  2. The last Taurus solar eclipse in 2014 (8 years ago)

The big question is, “Are you in alignment with your truth?”

Think about what you started in 2014. What have you achieved? How have you grown?

The energy of this new moon and all the other influences will bring things to the surface that you should address. The ultimate goal is to get you back on track with living your truth. The energy may shake things up for you, but think of it as rebalancing and learn from whatever happens.

Regardless how this energy affects you, look for opportunities. This energy will try its best to put you where you need to be—to align you with your truth.

Let this time of endings and beginnings occur naturally. Since there is an eclipse, don’t begin new manifestation work. Simply see where this energy takes you (or what it brings you).

Taurus Eclipse Tarot Spread



Partial Solar Eclipse

Tap into your inner knowing using tarot.

  1. What area of your life do you have any unresolved issues?

  2. In what ways are you holding yourself back?

  3. What lessons are presenting with this new moon eclipse?

  4. What opportunities are presenting with this new moon eclipse?

  5. How can I best honor myself?

Wild Moon Healing

For me, 8 years ago I was starting graduate school and my son had just earned the title of United States Marine. It was a very proud, exciting, and scary time for me. I have grown so much since then and accomplished more than I would have ever dreamed of, especially in the last year. I feel like my new beginnings started last November. I will sit with this energy and welcome all opportunities and learning moments that come my way.

Tell me how your Wild Moon Healing goes with this new moon. Did you learn anything about yourself?

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