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Living an Intentional Life – The Hard, Honest Truth

Updated: May 25, 2022

You manifest the healthiest version of you by living an intentional life. Even when you experience feelings of stuck, encounter barriers, or backslide—your next purposeful decision to choose what is best for you, is your opportunity to live true to yourself.

You can become whomever you choose to be, but to be yourself and live your truth, who you were born to be, is freeing. If you are unsure who you are, you can research ancestral roots and you may discover where you came from, but not where you are going. There has only ever been one of you, and there will never be another. Therein lies the importance of exploring and discovering who you are so, you can live authentically—live intentionally.

Intentional Life

To live intentionally is to live your life in your own authenticity true to your personality, qualities, and spirit. When you know who you are and live intentionally, outside sources do not invoke an uncharacteristic response from you. You are honest with yourself and take responsibility for your behavior by living on purpose. An intentional life align your actions with your values and beliefs. Everyone, regardless of living authentically or searching for your purpose, should evaluate themselves from time to time. The process of aligning with your purpose is a lifelong pursuit.

Intentional Life

You disassociate with your truth by living according to someone else’s rules, standards, or expectation. Trauma can occur at any time and drastically change your reality, so it is good to continually check in with yourself. When you detach from your truth and/or present experience, your thoughts, words, and actions can deceive you. Have you ever start to wonder when you are going to catch a break or when your turn is coming (for something better)?

Your turn is now and living intentionally is how you do it.

The present moment is the only time you can purposefully choose something better for your life. When you choose to do something different, it either works or it does not work. There is no feelings, judgement, or criticism, it just is—and you learn from it.

Hard, Honest Truth

Without critical assessment of self, explore the outcomes of your choices. Ask yourself questions such as:

Intentional Life

  1. What did work out?

  2. What did not work out?

  3. How did I spend your energy?

  4. Did my physical actions contradict my goals?

  5. Did I reengage in an old negative habit?

  6. Did something trigger me?

Be honest with yourself. That is the only way this works.

When you are responsible and accountable for what you do, you make progress. How many times do you have to backslide before you realize you are full of it? Stop lying to yourself. Honesty and awareness of your behaviors and actions is very important to changing your life. If you wonder why you easily slip into old habits, know that you have the answer in your shadows.

When you live unauthentically by denying part of your true self, you create what Carl Jung coined as the shadow self. Shadows are nothing to fear. Your shadows are a part of you that you denied after an experience left you emotionally hurt. A negative life event made you think that a part of you needed to change for others to accept you or you hide parts of yourself out of fear of rejection.

Acceptance of Self

The ego cannot stand rejection so it keeps your shadow self in check by creating false and limiting beliefs that hold you back—preventing you from accepting your true self. From this belief system, you create negative behavioral or thought patterns that sabotage your progress. When you hide parts of yourself, live in fear, or run from hurt or past trauma, you falsely keep believing your untrue beliefs (about yourself).

False beliefs are necessary to keep the charade going and it limits you in options that present themselves in your life. Therefore, instead of living on purpose, you always seem to backslide to places that are familiar or that you feel are safe from rejection (and is the reason you want to know when you are going to catch a break).

Intentional Life
Intentional Life

Living on purpose includes accepting your shadows and forgiving yourself for denying that part of yourself for so long. Acceptance and forgiveness are an integral part of the Wild Moon Healing program to learn to live an intentional life—a life in which you matter.

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