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Emotions: The Best Ways to Keep Your Energy in Motion

Updated: May 25, 2022

Your health and your emotions are within your control. You cannot control things outside of yourself, but your emotions can affect your environment. Emotions (E-Motion) are just energy in motion. The element of air represents your emotions and as such they need to flow, they need to keep moving.

Free-flowing emotions allow people to express themselves, while stagnant energy blocks real communication or creates unhealthy conversations. When your energy is blocked you stop manifesting things you want in life. While not expressing yourself can stifle your energy, so can excess emotions. Here are five major emotions and how they affect your energy:

  1. Fear is heavy, it sinks. This is where the expression “frozen with fear” comes from. Fear acts like concrete boots causing inaction and stifles your energy.

  2. Anger is hot, it rises. It can be explosive and act like a tornado with out of control, unpredictable, and intense reactions causing you to lose control of your energy.

  3. Joy is light, it disperses. Just as the sun is bright on a scorching summer day causing us to feel faint or weak, excess joy can dry you out. Faking it until you make it can be hurting you. You need to let all emotions travel freely. It is okay to not be okay.

  4. Worry is slow, it diminishes. Worry is like heavy oppressive humidity that stagnates all energetic flow.

  5. Sorrow is most profound, it immobilizes. As the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves of fall turn brown and crumble, your feelings wilt and motivation fades. You and your energy is imprisoned.

Your energy is your magic. When it’s stifled there are things you can do to get it flowing again.

Energetically Move Your Emotions

Responding to things you find significant is beneficial for your health. It is not beneficial to you to keep things bottled up as that can lead to a highly emotional reaction. Three great ways to get your energy moving so you can express your emotions in a healthy and safe manner, is to move, aroma therapy, and sound healing.

Physical movement can help move stuck energy. Moving does not just benefit the physical body, but also the energetic body and mind. As always when working with energy, intention is key. Therefore, to intentionally shift your energetic flow through physical movement, your effort should be mindful, careful, and deliberate. Activities such as yoga and Qigong are intentional-based activities used to direct and build your life force energy.

You can intentionally use your senses to help increase your energetic vibration. Essential oils assist with opening and balancing energy flow in the body. Placing oils on your energetic centers stimulate many healing effects of the body, mind, and soul. The options for ways to incorporate oils into your life for emotional benefit are endless.

A sound bath meditation guides listeners into a deep state of relaxation using sound and vibrations from instruments such as crystal or brass singing bowls, gongs, and chimes. The cleansing affect from the vibrations of the sound heal you as your brain slows down to synchronize with the rhythm of the music. Benefits of sound baths are plenty. It is calming and reduces stress. It also induces a state of clarity, decreases fatigue, improves sleep, and elevates spiritual well-being.

But there is one way of emotional release that I’ve recently experienced, and everyone should try it as the focus is on releasing stuck emotions.

Out-of-the-Box healing

You need to get out of your head and into your body to release stuck emotions and get your energy flowing again. Your body is a gift and has one purpose—to keep you alive. It is always working to restore your health. When you do not allow your emotions to release, they wreak havoc on your entire body. You release emotions through tears, words, or noise (laughter, screams). But when you repress an emotion, you push it down.

Think logically about that for a second… if you push something out of your “mind,” where does it go? It goes into your body. Thoughts are energy. Negative behaviors are born from repressed emotions. You have to drink to excess, smoke, overeat, gossip, or criticize to keep these emotions from surfacing. Imagine your behaviors and everything you’ve done to yourself, but also notice how your body is still there doing the best it can to keep you alive.


So how do you get out of your head and into your body?

People don’t breathe correctly as it is. When you focus on breathing, you purposefully move the energy in your body. By moving air properly through your body you dislodge emotions that were once “stuck” so they can surface. It’s as if your body says, “I’ve been holding onto this for you for so long. Thank you for coming to get it. Can we please get rid of it now?”

You could experience an emotional state during breathwork. The main reason for an emotional response is your body’s message telling you how much it loves you, but what it’s been holding onto for you is affecting its ability to do its job—you must release it.

My Experience with Breathwork

The way you can tap into your own energy and take control of your healing amazes me even more every time I learn a new way to do it. I’ve attended two breathwork classes so far and I have had two vastly different experiences, but both transformational. The first time I went with no expectations and a lot of curiosity. Everyone in the room brought their own burdens and joys, but the collective energy was light. I assume because everyone there believed in energetic healing, or was at least open to and curious about it.

emotions, breathwork

For science lovers, by manipulating the rate and volume of your breathe you affect the amount of CO2 in your body. The aim is to synchronize and coordinate breath to alter your physical, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I was breathing as instructed but fighting the emotions; I did not want them to surface.

While fighting it, my body became heavy, numb, and pained in specific areas including my face. When it was time to scream into a pillow—I couldn’t. By attempting to scream I opened an emotional portal and I sobbed like a baby. In all honesty, I was like, “What the hell was that?” But, at the end of my first class I felt much lighter and positive.

I went into my second class thinking I had released the first time so this would be a very relaxing experience. Nope. This time I began with specific affirmations (I AM Statements). During the breathwork one word appeared in my head… maybe I’ll tell you about that later. But that one word led to so many thoughts. As I released my emotions (I cried), my thoughts turned into positive action statements (I WILL Statements). It was empowering.

Empower Yourself to Express Emotions

Your most vulnerable moments can be the most healing. Find a way to release stuck emotions. Leave the comfort of normal physical activity you engage in to relax and try something new. Look up breathwork and sound healing classes in your area. Go with an open mind and the intention of healing yourself. You may not have an emotional reaction as I did, but the healing will occur just the same if you allow it.

Have you tried breathwork or sound healing? Tell me about your experience.


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