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Wild Moon Healing Refelctions

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You are invited to read a Free Chapter of Wild Moon Healing by inquiring below.

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Book Club Questions

Thank you for reading Wild Moon Healing Revolution. Download my suggested Book Club Questions now. As a thank you, I offer a 30-minute virtual call to your book club group. To schedule the call, please email me via our contact page. 


I encourage you to tag me on social media and share pictures of your group or your favorite reading spot. I also encourage and appreciate your book review on your retailer of preference. 

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Wild Moon Healing

Reflections of a Beautiful Soul

Shadow work reflects with substance on your spiritual essence, allowing you to integrate your shadows and embrace courage, which helps open your creative center and become more in tune with your authentic self.

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Art Gallery

Here is all the amazing artistry from the book in full color. Where a contributor provides social media or a website, you only have to click on the picture you like, and the system will direct you to it.

Art Gallery

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